“Yesterday’s concert at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall was no exception. Impeccable musicianship. High-voltage delivery.  A standing ovation. In other words, more of what we’ve come to expect from conductor Karen Gorden.”  – Arts Baltimore

“A conductor like a fish in water... When she was 16, Karen Gorden dared to dream a huge dream…Years later, it’s safe to say Gorden’s dreams have come true.”  – Yellow Springs News

“First was Penderecki’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima.  Here, the performance was riveting.  Gorden’s gestures were more like those of an air traffic controller’s…The effect was jarring, as walls of sounds advanced, creating an almost primeval angst.”   -Daily Hampshire Gazette

“An admirable and gifted conductor indeed. She possesses innate musicality; her conception of the scores she conducts is strong… [Gorden is] a conductor for any ensemble that expects to work at a high level of professionalism and that looks to make music with creativity and purpose.”  – Francis Thorne, President, American Composers Orchestra

“A very talented young conductor…[Gorden] displayed great musical imagination and true leadership qualities.”  – Georg Tintner

“Who knew that classical music could be such a draw? Here is truly one conductor to keep your eye on. Go see Gorden conduct.  Just go.”   –  culture at large


Interview with Public Radio*  

  • Orchestras in America and Europe – Part 1
  • Playing and conducting – Part 2
  • Women conductors – Part 3
  • Contemporary classical music – Part 4
  • Youth – Part 5

*WDPR-FM Dayton Public Radio

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